Monday, January 6, 2014

10 Tips for a Successful Art Booth

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Renting booth space at your local art boutique, craft fair, or flea market are great places for reaching new customers and selling your art. And because these smaller events are often held at indoor venues, you do not need to invest in purchasing or renting a tent or display walls like you do at larger, juried, outdoor art fairs and festivals. But without walls, how do you display your art?

My booth at a 2013 Art Boutique & Craft Fair

1.  Use what you have. A tall, modular, bookcase that is easy to assemble, and dissemble, can be used to take advantage of the vertical height of your booth and add visual interest. Long card or hall tables can be used as additional flat display surfaces. And a small, round, side table is great for displaying a spinning card rack...

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