Monday, November 18, 2013

Living TAW - Chapter 11 - Autonomy

5 weeks into living as a full-time working artist and 11 months into Living The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, chapter 11, “Recovering a Sense of Autonomy,” is the perfect prescription. In this chapter, “We examine the ongoing ways in which we nurture and accept ourselves as artists.”

Julia begins chapter 11 by discussing the importance of not getting stuck in our past success. I couldn’t agree more! In the following video I share how I’m breaking out of my habit of painting spirals by painting pure abstractions for the Sidewalk Series and going from a brunette to a blond to shed my old 9-5 office job image:

In chapter 11 of The Artist’s Way, Julia goes on to discuss the importance of sports (she recommends walking meditations), having an artist’s altar, and says, “Small rituals, self-devised, are good for the soul.”
These days I’m working 50-60 hours/week as I work on 3 commissioned paintings and get ready for 2 large upcoming art shows. So I don’t have much time for walking meditations. But I do try to squeeze in a few at home workouts into my schedule each week to keep my body limber and strong so I can reach across 48” canvases. My favorite workout DVD’s are Trudie Styler’s Warrior Yoga and Cindy Crawford’s Shape Your Body.

The alter in my studio is always changing. Currently it is home to photos of my parents and one of my spiritual gurus Louise L. Hay, along with feathers, stones, and other treasures I’ve collected on my journey.
My Artist Alter
December will be the last month I post a video blog on Living The Artist’s Way, but I will continue to write a monthly creativity blog for Read my first G247 guest blog post, Honoring the Creative Call, here:

Until next time, remember we are all artists – the artist of our lives. What are you creating today?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Honoring the Creative Call

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For some, the creative call is experienced as a feeling, an actual physical sensation felt in the body. For others, the creative call is experienced as a knowing, a conscious understanding that something is inviting them to live life larger than they have yet to imagine.

How ever you receive the call, it is a divine invitation to honor that which your soul is yearning to express through you, as you. Once you have heard the call, there is no going back. Following any other path will be met with resistance and suffering. The only option is to...

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Working on "Rise"