Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dizzying, Dazzling and Damp

Dazzle Jazz Lounge in Denver, Colorado

Wowza what a week! I’m dizzy from all the excitement and running around.

I kicked it off by attending Eric Matelski’s First Monday Art Talk at Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge. Each month, for the past three years, Eric interviews a different featured artist. This month it was award winning photographer Terry Fiala. Terry began his photography career by taking traditional black and white photographs with film, but over time has transitioned into digital and these days he’s manipulating color images. His most recent work is stirring and almost looks more like paintings.

Adding to the artistic ambiance at Dazzle was the poetry of art consultant Hilary DePolo – a former Detroit gal like me – and Lenny Chernila. Hilary’s poems capture the history of old Detroit and brought tears to my eyes. And Lenny, well there are no words to describe the exuberance of his poetry. You just have to experience him.

Tuesday I took my painting “Hope” to the art critique at RedLine. Critiques are held on the second Tuesday of each month. I was nervous about going as the last two paintings I took were not well received, but this time the praise out weighed the constructive criticism. I even received applause and an “awesome” when I unveiled the diptych. But I have a lifetime of learning ahead of me so I can’t let this small achievement go to my head.

Wednesday I enjoyed the soulful music of Jami Lula – another Detroit native! – and was energized by the Matsiko Children’s Choir from Uganda at Mile Hi Church in Lakewood.

Thursday I ran errands, Friday I tried to catch my breath, and on Saturday I showed four paintings at Art Farm – well, when they weren’t under black plastic garbage bags to protect them from the rain. But we made the most of it and mingled and dined under the food tents catered by Whole Foods and Breckenridge Brewery.

It was a fun and exciting week, but with any hope the next few days will be quieter so that I can get back to being creative. I’m going through paint withdrawals.

Go to to learn more about Eric Matelski, his art, and the events he organizes to support other local Denver artists.

Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge is located at 930 Lincoln St, Denver, Colorado 80203. Go to for information on upcoming jazz acts and First Monday Art Talks.

Terry Fiala’s photographs can be seen at

For information about Hilary DePolo’s art consulting services go to

Check out Lenny Chernila on YouTube at

For information about RedLine and second Tuesday art critiques go to

To learn more about Jami Lula, his music, and his inspirational message go to

To support the Matsiko Children’s Choir and the International Children’s Network go to

Art Farm is an annual outdoor community art show hosted by Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) and Eric Matelski. For information about DUG go to

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