Monday, August 17, 2009

Who Does She Think She Is? - Part II

"Artist on Hold" 2009

Speaking of balancing motherhood and art careers, I recently met 3 dynamic women who seem to be balancing both creative endeavors with ease and grace. I met Color and Light Gallery owner Terri Clauss and painter Kelly Heck Shaw at the 2nd Friday “Feel the Art” event at Color and Light Gallery. And I met painter Lisa Kowalski when I checked out her gallery in the Rino Art District.

I don’t know how Terri finds the time to be creative while owning and operating a gallery and being a mother, but she’s doing it; Kelly Heck Shaw just gave birth to her second child seven weeks ago and still found the time and energy to be the featured artist of the month at Color and Light Gallery; and Lisa Kowalski has had an illustrious art career while raising a now college age son.

These three women amaze and inspire me! Over the past few years I’ve downsized my day job and simplified my living arrangements to make more time to create, but it’s still a struggle. And I have a hard enough time just trying to keeping my plants alive so I don’t know how I could be responsible for another human being while still making time to express myself.

If you are a woman and an artist I already admire you. But if you’re balancing a day job, a romantic relationship, and motherhood, along with all of the responsibilities that come with those tittles, AND pursuing your art, I bow to you.

The Color and Light Gallery is located at 1422 E. 22nd Ave, Denver, Colorado 80205. Visit for hours and information on upcoming events.

To see the whimsical paintings of Kelly Heck Shaw, visit

Lisa Kowalski’s gallery and studio space is located in the Rino art district at 2762 Walnut St, Denver, Colorado 80205. Visit for hours.

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