Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rikindle Your Inner Artist Child's Imagination

"Our artist is actually our child within, our inner playmate."
~Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way
Where does our imagination come from? I believe it is a gift inherent within each of us. But as we get older, and bogged down with the responsibilities of adult life, we often forget how to tap into what was once our child-like, creative nature.

I have been feeling less than imaginative lately. So in the spirit of Living The Artist's Way, a 12- month blog series I did throughout 2013 (read about it
here), I have resumed my weekly solo artist dates.

Last week I simply went for a walk through a park. It was delightful to watch two young girls chase the shadow of a butterfly kite their grandfather was flying. Hearing their joyful giggles made me
feel like a kid again.
This week's solo artist date was a visit to the gallery at Foothills Art Center in Golden. There was an abundance of imagination stimulating pieces in, "Splinter," their current exhibition of wood art. I enjoyed seeing how other artists have incorporated curves and circles, imagery often found in my work, in their imaginative expressions.
An artist with seemingly infinite imagination is Canadian artist Laura Hollick!
In her recent TEDx talk, You Are the Art, Laura shares that she began making art as a child because she wanted to make her imagination real.
She goes on to tell the story of how she went from being a starving artist to earning a multi-six figure income with her art by imagining that she could create the life and career she dreamed. Watch her inspiring TEDx talk here.

Live creatively,

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