Saturday, May 31, 2014

Create More Time to be Creative

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Is a never ending To Do List getting in the way of your creative productivity? Often we think we don’t have time to be creative. But I’m willing to wager that many of the things on your To Do List don’t really need to be done today, by you, or, at all!

Following are 3 easy steps to transform your To Do List. It just might transform your life!

Step 1: Reframe your Shoulds into Coulds

There are always unavoidables on our To Do List, like making the car payment or buying the cat food. But often things on our list don’t really need to get done. They’re more like good ideas and nice intentions. Or worse, they’re someone else’s idea for how we should spend our time.

Start by reviewing your To Do List and cross off anything that was not your idea. Your sister might think it would be great for you to start online dating. But if the thought doesn’t excite you, let it go.

Next, separate the Shoulds, like paying bills, from the Coulds, such as cleaning the bathroom. Once you’re done, you’ll have two lists. The first are your Big Rocks, the things you really should do to be a responsible adult and manage your life. The second is a Could Do List, the things you feel you should do… eventually.

The beauty of a Could Do List is that it reminds us that we’re at choice. How delicious would it feel to wake up tomorrow morning and ask yourself, “What could I do today?” Or say to yourself, “I could do this… or could do that…”

A Could Do List leaves room for inspired creativity and  invites in possibility. So the next time your best friend invites you to join her on an all-expenses-paid trip to Cozumel, or just for a cup of coffee around the corner, you can say, “Yes!” Your Could Do List will allow for the freedom of spontaneous choices, instead of just guilt-ridden obligations.

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