Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What's Beckoning You to Begin?

"And like a blank canvas, our life stands before us, beckoning us to begin, to paint with bright colors and passionate brush strokes with all that we have deep within."
~James R. Plagmann

This past Saturday I had a blast attending the Summer Solstice Art Workshop led by Laurie Maves and Anya McManis at Laurie's warehouse art studio in Denver!

Photo credit: Laurie Maves
To celebrate the first day of summer, 12 beautiful ladies painted journal boards. We began by writing on our boards what we're ready to release that is no longer serving us. Then we painted over our words with colors and images that symbolize what we imagine, believe, and want to create in this new season of being.


As we waited for layers of paint to dry on our journal boards, we took turns painting a group mural of a sun to represent the Summer Solstice. Similar to the journal boards, we began by writing on the mural what we're ready and willing to release. Then we painted over our words, ushering in new beginnings.

Creative ceremonies are great fun when tied to a holiday and done with others. But you don't need a special event to have a ceremony - they can be done anytime you feel called to have one. And solo rituals can be just as effective as those done as a group. It's the strength of your intention for the ritual that has the greatest impact during a ceremony.

Ceremonies to release the old and invite in the new aren't limited to painting rituals. You could journal about what you want to let go of, and then burn the paper you write on, releasing the ashes to the wind. You could burn sage, commonly used to clear spaces, to change the energy of your environment. Or you might consider a common Buddhist practice of creating a mandala with sand or flower petals. Then
practicing non-attachment, and mindfully destroying your beautiful creation.

As we embark on this summer season I invite you to ask yourself the following questions:

What am I ready and willing to release?

What's beckoning me to begin?

Live creatively this summer, 

P.S. Read my inspiring (and ballsy) interview with Denver artist Laurie Maves - featured in the June "She Lives Creatively" Spotlight - here.

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