Monday, February 15, 2010

The Artist's Way - Week Five

Opening Reception of "The Love Show"
at CORE New Art Space

Week five following the 12-week course outlined in Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way has been the most challenging week yet. Writing my three daily morning pages Tuesday hit such a raw nerve that I spent the rest of the day crying. I was beyond embarrassed as I tried to hold myself together at the office I work at as the tears continued to flow throughout the day. A “normal” person would have gone home sick, if they had bothered to go into work at all. But fearing both the pile of work on my desk, and the thought of being home alone with my emotions, I pushed through.

Stephanie McCandless (center) talking to art enthusiasts
in front of "Love," her chalk pastel drawing on
black paper at "The Love Show" at CORE New Art Space

I felt better by Tuesday night after watching Louise L. Hay’s movie You Can Heal Your Life as this week’s solo artist date. Unlike last week’s attempt, I didn’t fall asleep. But by Wednesday night the levy broke and my tears were replaced by a more dramatic unblocking of buried emotions. Having no other physical symptoms, I knew it wasn't the flu. But as I kneeled on the bathroom floor, praying for the nausea to pass and repeating the Al-Anon slogan, “Let go and let God,” I experienced a physical manifestation of unblocking my creative Spirit and detoxifying my body and mind from a lifetime of self-doubt.

Posing with artist Laurie Maves (right) at her solo
artist reception for "Be Our Valentine" at VAIN Salon

Throughout the week I questioned why I am putting myself through The Artist’s Way experience. Despite the emotional lows, and gut wrenching sobbing and purging, I am feeling inspiration stirring within. If I can get over this hump of emotional release, I am confident the creativity and paint will be flowing again soon.

Opening reception of "Be Our Valentine"
Laurie Maves' solo art show at VAIN Salon

In the meantime I found motivation to keep working through The Artist’s Way and inspiration to keep painting by hanging out with two of my favorite fellow Dener artists this weekend.  I attended Dana Cain’s “The Love Show” Friday night at CORE New Art Space where I took in the rest of the art with local artist Stephanie McCandless.  I posed for the camera Saturday night with painter Laurie Maves at her artist reception at VAIN Salon for her six week show, “Be Our Valentine.”

Check in with me next week as I report on reaching the half-way point of The Artist’s Way journey in week six and view a home screening of the independent film Who Does She Think She Is?

To learn about events organized by Dana Cain visit

“The Love Show” comes down February 28. Artists will pick up their work between 1-4 pm during the “Break Up Reception.” CORE New Art Space is located at 900 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, Colorado 80204. To learn about upcoming art shows visit

Be Stephanie McCandless’ friend on Facebook at

To see Laurie Maves’ art work, and book her for live painting gigs, visit

VAIN Salon is located at 1890 Pennsylvania St, Denver, CO 80203. For more information visit

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  1. I'm beginning to think it's something in the Universe, right now! I've been the same way you have, and I can honestly say, it has nothing to do with "The Artist Way". Although, I've started and stopped it a couple of times. By the time, I get to week 3; I'm so fed up, all I do is create, so maybe that's the idea. I'm a believer in if the spirit is in need of purging (tears, etc.); let it have way, process and then try to put it in a perspective you can live with. Sending you big tear-filled hugs, and smiles! :)