Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Your Keys to the City - Spring 2010

The Downtown Denver Partnership invited me to paint a donated piano for “Your Keys to the City” for Spring 2010. Be on the lookout for painted pianos on a corner near you in the 16th Street Mall area.

I am one of ten Denver artists asked to participate this Spring. The other artists include Laurie Maves, Eric Matelski, Dan Ericson (aka DUNN the Signtologist), Audrey McNamera, among others.

Front Before

Back Before

Second Coat of Primer - Front

Second Coat of Primer - Back

The Color Palette

Painting a Leg
Photo courtesy of Sean Richardson

First of Two Coats of Color
Photo courtesy of Sean Richardson

Getting Ready to Paint blogspot URL
Photo courtesy of Sean Richardson

Painting blogspot URL
Photo courtesy of Sean Richardson

Front Finished - With blogspot "Spots"

Back Finished!

They said we didn't have to paint the backs as they will be covered with tarps that will will be pulled over the pianos at night. But it was calling to me to give it some color.

This piano could not have been painted without the assistance and support of the following individuals: Jen Craven – thank you for emailing me; Laurie Maves – thank you for giving Jen Craven at the Downtown Denver Partnership my name and email address; Laurie Maves & Eric Matelski – thank you for answering my questions; Sean Richardson – thank you for packing my lunch, being my driver, carrying my supplies, and taking photos; Melissa Kline – thank you for emailing me my blog URL when I couldn’t remember it; and thank you to everyone that shared my excitement prior to painting my first piano, cheered me on throughout the process, and anxiously anticipated the photos. I am SO blessed!

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