Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Painting the Town Red

Who has time to write a new blog posting when there are SO many fun things to do in Denver in the spring time? Pictured are the highlights of another weekend lived to the fullest!

Got ready to step out and paint the town red Saturday night
in my patent leather pumps with matching pedi.

My fianc√© Sean and I started dinner at Strings with appetizers
in the bar under my painting "It Begins With Me." 
The HOPE Art Show will be at Strings through June 5.

Visited my painting "Hope" (left) and a painting by Laurie Maves (right) upstairs at Strings. Both have been donated to the Cunningham Foundation for the June 5 HOPE Ball silent art auction.

Cut lilacs Sunday morning before heading down to 16th Street Mall
to look for the piano I painted for Downtown Denver Partnership's
"Your Keys to the City" for Spring 2010.

"But it would match everything I own!"
I loved this bag, but Sean talked me out of buying it. 
How many shoulder bags does a girl really need?

There it was, the piano I painted, at 16th & Welton!
And to my delight, a little boy was playing it!

The smallest of all the pianos painted,
mine kept attracting the children until...

...this women came out of a store,
aptly called Only In Colorado, and started playing Mozart!

She played with such passion! 
It brought my piano to life and me to tears - of joy!

It turns out her name is Sue and she works at Only in Colorado. 
She told me she plays every day during her 15 minute break!

I don't really play, but I pretended to. 
You can pretent, or play for real, through Friday, June 18.

Sunday eve we wound down our weekend with a BBQ and a bon fire
in Kittredge at our friends Tom and Jeanne's house.

That's Tom and Jeanne - the Propritors of Knot New Wood. 
They custom design and build furniture from salvaged wood. 
Check out their website for their summer art festival schedule: http://www.knotnewwood.com/

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