Monday, February 3, 2014

10 MORE Tips for a Successful Art Booth

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You’ve rented the space and staged your booth. Now, how do you leverage your experience at an art boutique, craft fair, or flea market to make the event as successful and profitable for your art business as possible?

1. The appearance of limited supply creates demand. Don’t put all your merchandise out at once. I sold dozens of calendars at a show by only putting a few out at a time. Customers repeatedly told me they wanted to buy one, if not two, before they sold out.

Examples of my marketing materials
2. Market yourself. When creating art and merchandise for my booths, I put my name and website address on everything! Business cards are adhered to the inside of my painted wood boxes or inserted into the back of canvas paintings. I design my greeting cards to include my web address on the back. Greeting card packages get an artist bio insert. Calendars are made sturdier by inserting them into re-sealable bags with chipboard and an artist bio insert. And my handle shopping bags are customized with a large sticker that includes my name and web address...

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