Monday, March 1, 2010

The Artist's Way - Week Seven

Hallelujah! As I made my way through week seven of Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way I didn’t have to have a biopsy! When I went in for the procedure on Tuesday my doctor told me he no longer saw any abnormal cells, that my body appears to have healed itself, and that he did not feel a biopsy was necessary. I just have to go back every six months for the next year for follow-up tests.

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Having had two biopsies, and invasive surgery, in the past what did I do differently this time to turn my immune system around from when I received my doctor’s call until I was scheduled for the biopsy? Was it being more mindful of the projects I choose to get involved in and making a conscious effort to get more sleep? Was it incorporating more raw vegies into my diet through blending and juicing like Kris Carr in her documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer? Was it prayer and meditation? Or was it reading Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and following her 12-week course in “discovering and recovering your creative self”? I feel it was a combination of these things and it seems the work I’ve been doing to release my creative blocks also helped release what was creating dis-ease in my body.

Kris Carr: actress, film maker, and cancer survivor
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In addition to healing my physical body, it became evident to me that I have also healed my creative Spirit this weekend when I attended the Friday night and all day Saturday “Bridge of Dreams” workshop at Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado. As I released past beliefs and feelings that no longer serve me, I replaced them with new beliefs and feelings that support my dreams. The process of crossing over the “bridge” was not an easy one, but as I participated in exercises with my partners and small group it appeared that the workshop was easier for me than it was for others. It seems the work I’ve been doing as I follow Julia Cameron’s 12-week course prepared me for this weekend. Because I already purged – literally – a lifetime of suppressed emotions just two weeks earlier, I was able to move quickly through the releasing and forgiving phases of the workshop and easily step into a space of believing in and loving myself on a deeper level, resulting in rekindling my dreams for painting and writing.

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How timely that week seven’s theme in The Artist’s Way is “Recovering a Sense of Connection.” Never have I felt more connected to Spirit, the source of creation and my creativity, as I do after reading this week’s chapter, completing some of the suggested exercises and tasks, receiving a clean bill of health, and participating in an intense experiential workshop.

Join me next week on my 12-week journey of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way as I embark on week eight and “Recover a Sense of Strength,” attend Eric Matelski’s First Monday Art Talk at Dazzle Jazz Lounge where Nemo is the featured artist, and decide if I’m going to attend First Friday Art Walk in the Sante Fe art district or attend artist receptions instead in LODO (lower downtown Denver) and at Lisa Kowalski’s gallery in the RINO art district.

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  1. I'm so happy for you! That's wonderfully, fabulous amazing news! I am doing the happy dance for you! :)

    Tell me more about this workshop you attended, is it only available in CO? It sounds wonderful, I think I may have to pull out my copy of the Artist Way, and it is dusty! The only part I've kept up is my artist date, you've inspired me yet again!