Tuesday, March 18, 2014

There is life outside of the art studio

The beauty of being artists - and the artists of our lives - is WE get to choose what our lives look like. We decide which projects to say yes or no to. We determine how hard, or not so hard, to work. In essence, we get to blaze our own trails, and write our own rules along the way.

After nearly 3 months of working 12+ hour days for 6, sometimes 7 days/week, to get ready for my, "Choice Points," art show at Sync Gallery, I am re-discovering that
there IS life outside of the art studio.

I'm still logging long hours most days (because it's just my nature to work a lot), but I'm also cultivating my self-care disciplines again. I've been j
uicing and blending, meditating and journaling as I sit in front of our 2 fresh water fish tanks as I enjoy their beauty, and this past weekend I went on my first ride of the season on the back of my husband's motorcycle. 

But it was a simple domesticated thing, sewing a button back onto a pair of pants for my husband, that brought me back into my body. It took me years to realize how important it is to honor my creativity. But it only took threading a needle to remind me that, in addition to being an artist, I am also a wife... and a daughter, an aunt, a friend...

We are ALL artists - the artists of our lives. And we are also SO much more, to SO many people. 
Live creatively - in all its many forms,

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