Monday, March 3, 2014

5 Tips for Recovering from Post-Painting Blues

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I found myself feeling post-painting blues during the days that followed the gallery opening of, “Choice Points,” my new abstract painting series. The weeks leading up to the show were long and intense. I spent 12-18 hours each day painting the series and preparing for the exhibition.

Taking a break to fuel up on my favorite organic energy
drink while I hang my show at Sync Gallery
Once the opening artist reception was over I thought I would finally catch my breath and find balance in my life again. Instead, I felt anxious and sad, found myself crying, and had trouble sleeping – some of the symptoms the Mayo Clinic describes as signs of postpartum depression.

As a childless female artist, I often describe my painting process as a birth and affectionately refer to my paintings as my babies. So it should have come as no surprise that my excitement and anticipation for the new works, and their unveiling at my first gallery show, would be followed by an emotional crash similar to what new mothers experience who have recently given birth.

To recover from post-painting blues I gave myself lots of self-care: 

1.       Sleep. I only had 3 months to prepare for my new art exhibition so I kept strange hours to ensure I met my deadlines and honored my commitments. As the opening drew closer, and my to-do list seemed to grow longer, I worked harder and slept less. So after the opening, catching up on sleep was my priority. After months of an insane schedule, it was not easy to fall asleep at a reasonable bed time. But after a few nights of consistently winding down and turning out the lights at a set bed time, I was finally able to fall to sleep when I wanted to again. A cool bedroom temperature, an eye mask, and ear plugs help.
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